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Welcome to KN Orthodontics 

A long established orthodontic practice offering specialist treatment at Sunnybank

Our two orthodontists, Dr Peter Keay and Dr Annu Nangia use the latest technology, including clear aligners, clear braces, and modern stainless steel braces. They would be happy to discuss treatment options with you during a consultation.

Clear Aligners

“Invisible braces” is the term commonly used to describe orthodontic treatment provided by a sequence of clear plastic aligners which are hard to detect on the teeth at normal conversational distance.

Clear Braces

Adults and older teens will often prefer clear braces; which are possible on the upper teeth and sometimes on the lower teeth, depending on the type of bite.

Steel Braces

Braces are any appliance that is fixed to the teeth to correct individual tooth positions and improve how the teeth mesh together (the occlusion).